Catfish Mafia Tournament Series
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APRIL 1  2017 Leesylvania state park ,Virginia

Tournament rules

Any violation will result in automatic Disqualification

Good Sportsmanship is expected by all individuals during the tournament . Any disorderly conduct will be reason for disqualification

2018 entry fees $ 225.00

Entry Fees must be received via mail 10 days prior to tournament. Last chance to enter tournament will be at captains meeting April 6 before 530 pm (cash only)

$25 big fish included in tournament fee

Can be up to 3 person teams

All teams are limited to 10 rods and reels in boat regardless of amount of people on boat . Teams will be allowed 8 lines in the water 

1 All state and federal rules apply

2Tournament hours are 7 am - 4pm

3 one person from each team must be present at meeting night before at 7 at Motel 6 at Dumfries ,VA

4There will be livewell check prior to take of . NO DECOY BAGS 

5 All boats must be at weigh in by 4 pm no exeptions

6 No snagging will be allowed

7 Life vest worn at take off

8 all Tournament boats must keep a distance of 50 yards anchored or 50 ft drifting

9 A Maximum of 5 fish per boat 2 over 32 inch . No more than 5 fish in livewell at weigh in this will result in a dq . NO DEAD fish allowed at weigh in if dead fish weighed in team will be DQ

10 No alcohalic beverages during tournament hours

11all kids 16 and under must be accompanied by adult

12 Fish may only be caught rod and Reel . A maximum of 10 rods per boat 8 lines in the Water

13We will alLow 3rd person in boat adult over 60 or kid 16 and under

14 Ties will be decided by tournament director

15 No CHumming or fishing baited holes

16 All protest must be made before awards presentation

17 This is a catch and release tournament all fish must be released

18All entry fees must be received 7 days prior to Tournament date

19 Boat ramp at Leesylvania state park NO TRAILERING ALLOWED . Each team must check in at boat ramp morning of the tournament , No checkin by your team at the boat ramp your team will be DQ . Teams must have livewell check done by 615 am Tournament ends at 4 if not checked in by 4pm will result in A DQ