Catfish Mafia Tournament Series
Call Us at (717) 600 - 4891

Rules & Regs

Tournaments will be 100% payback top 3 spots 50-30-20

Big fish is 1 place 100%

Tournaments will be $70 a boat $50 towards main pot $20 towards big fish

The Catfish Mafia Shootout will be $125 a boat $100 towards main pot $25 towards big fish

There will be random Livewell checks

All fish must be weighed in and released alive any dead fish you will be disqualified

Decoy bags are permitted no stringers allowed

There will be a mandatory captains meeting 15-10 min before

Sign Ups must be done 15 min before start of any tournament.

6 Rods per boat

5 Fish Weigh in for First 3 tournament of year 3 fish for the remander

2 Fish Weigh in for all winter tournaments at Fort Washinton Marina

If you are 1 min late for weigh in boat will be disqualified

Pre Fishing is allowed but MUST STOP 12 hours before tournament time

1 person on boat must fish 1 tournament to fish Catfish Mafia Shootout

Points system for 2016 for Angler of the year Pa ONLY

Must fish 6 tournaments to quilify for Angler of the year if fish more take best of the 6 tournaments will be a 100 pt system 1st place 100 pt  2nd place  95 pt  - 5 points on down for each place will automatically get 10 pts if fish weighed in